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The Chameleon Conspiracy

A Dan Gordon Intelligence Thriller third installment, where Dan Gordon is assigned to the CIA to investigate a case of massive fraud left for dead. He revisits the FBI assumptions and suspects that the fraud was perpetrated by one person who changed identities like a chameleon changes its color. Through cooperation with the Mossad, Gordon discovers that shocking truth. Dan travels undercover to Pakistan, where he survives a kidnapping attempt. A daring covert operation is planned by the CIA and the Mossad and Dan with an unwitting Austrian woman penetrate Iranian society. While in Iran he is hunted by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security. The Kurdish rebels show their loyalty but can he trust them? Are the hints Dan senses sent by a high-ranking Iranian intelligence officer for real or a trap? Is the plan to launch a major terrorist attack on the U.S., a ploy or reality? What role does a network of Islamic charities play? Who wants to collapse the U.S economy? Dan Gordon hovers the globe in search of clues; will he again have the upper hand? Much more than just his person is at stake, and at risk.

Foreword to The Chameleon Conspiracy by Andre Le Gallo, a Former Top CIA Operative

The Chameleon ConspiracyOn this one hundred year anniversary of Ian Fleming’s birth, Dan Gordon may become the new James Bond to rid us of post-Cold War threats. Fleming’s novels have created an image of the successful intelligence officer who saves the world equipped with a Walther PPK, a martini shaken, not stirred, and a Scottish burr. This tuxedo clad hero seems to comprise the Empire’s entire intelligence service.more..